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The sales staff get together to sigh the difficulties of sales work, beset withinternal and external troubles. Indeed, old sales recall the good old dayswhen  they were flattered by dealers andappraised by bosses. The days that earned large quantities of gold each daygone forever. New sales are confused about the hard times in which they have tosuffer harsh and rebuke from customers and leaders. Meanwhile, they feeluncertain about the future in face of some impossible task about sales targets.In an increasingly deteriorating market environment where market is sluggishand competition is intense, sales staff, as the carrier of enterprise productsand market convergence, are facing great challenges in their ability, knowledgeand practice.

The cold data is the only criterion to testify the success or failure of sales,although you talk about sales theory eloquently or your sales plan has no flaw.There are a variety of sales ways, such as channel sink, depth distribution,channel specificity and so on, however, all of these seem to be wonderful, butthe results are not satisfactory.  Even though some small companieswith hundreds of sales staff rushing around the country, the sales job is stillwalking with difficulties. The boss complains about sales staff’s poorabilities and sales staff complain that the investment into the market is toolow.  Sales staff are unable to change the actual status of the externalenvironment and service enterprises. The only way to stay afloat in thebusiness is to improve their own ability, quality and knowledge. Theauthor engaged in sales work for more than 10 years in different companies,such as the domestic private enterprises, listed companies,multinationalcorporations, etc., witnessing that some enterprises have developed from smallto large, and some others from strong to weak.

Apartfrom some external factors, this paper explains how sales staff can stillaccomplish the job with ease in the face of intense competition in the marketenvironment. They need ten methods to cultivate themselves.

Improvement one The reading ability of corporate culture

  Each enterprise has its ownmanagement style and philosophy, which derive from the enterprise founder andthe humanistic environment around the enterprise.  When you enter a newenterprise, regardless of your position, corporate culture is difficult tocompletely change.  As long as you engaged in sales work, the first thingto do is to study your company culture and values.

Thegrowth history of boss is the first part that needs to be read among corporateculture, for the family environment, cultural education, life experience andvalues of the enterprise boss may assimilate into the enterprise management,consciously or unconsciously.No matterhow you are appreciated by the boss, there will always be bottom line. It isdifficult to change some of the things that the boss is proud of. Of course,the owners of the company think highly of profits, but places more emphasis on their own value and influence inthe development of the enterprise. The outcome is always gloomy when youassume yourself the airs of a hero.

The second is to read the cultural environment around the enterprise.   Thelocal customs and value system play a decisive role in the enterpriseatmosphere. You're in there, and you need to adapt it. Only when you getinto the corporate environment, you can be recognized by the people around you,and then you have the space to make a difference.

You need to agree with the culture of the enterprise when you choose it. Enterpriseculture is not a wall slogan, nor cliche wrote in a brochure , but thefoundation of survival and development of enterprises and standard ofevaluating staff.

Improvement two Charisma of personality

Saleswork is no longer individual combat, requiring close cooperation betweenvarious departments. And the cooperation between departments can not befinished by the internal rules and regulations, it often depends on yourinfluence and approval in the enterprise, which is the charisma.

People will inevitably become sophisticated if they engaged in sales work for a longtime. Just like what people often say communicating with people withdiffering viewpoints, they are able to achieve success one way or another.But it may be not the case. Only sincere impress others, yet excessive flatteryseems to be hypocritical. Catering to others may be liked, but it isdifficult to get recognition.

The charisma of personality is that you can put yourself in other's shoes and helpothers sincerely with wisdom, good manners and integrity.

Salesstaff need to keep their own personality, not to being pliable to please allpeople by years. Learn to set up your own values and work style, in themeantime, you can  live in peace with all kinds of people.

Improvement three Great insight

The world is always changing. The enterprise is changingthemarket environment is changingthe consumption habit is changing,theproduct structure is changing and the competitor is changing. Each changehas different influences on sales work. One leaf's falling tells the coming ofautumn, it is the same as sales personnel, who should have a great insight intothe various changes of the external and internal environment.

Thecultivation of insight lies in your attention to the details of your life andyour good habit of thinking. Sales personnel need to pay close attentionto the change of people around you and business management structure, thechange of the evolution of consumption habits and business strategy of dealers,the change of the industry situation and the introduction of new national legalstandards, new measures taken by rivals, and so on.

The things that are concerned are often superficial, but the key is to see theessence of things through the image.  Changes in corporate executives,often represent a change in the style of business management.

The evolution of consumption habits, indicates the rise of new products. The changeof business strategy of dealers often affect the enthusiasm for the company'sproducts; the occurance of vicious incident in industry, will greatly damagethe sales; the introduction of the national legal standards, will lead toclosure of a number of small businesses; new measures taken by rivals, willintensify competition.

Salespersonnel should be equipped with a sensitive heart and a pair of sharp eyes,response to various changes flexibly. Salesmen should also have a wiseheart to discard what is false and keep what is genuine and see big thingsthrough small ones.

Improvement four Quick adaptability

As the saying goes: roll with the punches. That means there arecorresponding measures no matter how changes of the internal and externalenvironment. Adaptability is not following the footsteps of the opponentspassively, but looking ahead at what might happen and being ready to handleit.

The cultivation of adaptability comes from the sense of crisis. Although it is nowrelatively smooth, there are crisises behind the status quo. A sense of crisiscan help  you make a pre judgment on theoccurrence of the crisis and prepare for the program.

Adaptabilityderives from learnedness, knowledge and accumulation of experience, whichrequires salesmen to study marketing, management, psychology, and other aspectsof knowledge and learn from others experience of success and failure to enrichthemselves.

The cultivation of adaptability comes from their own self-confidence andcourage. Believing in their own judgment first, people can find a way tosolve the problem. Once you make decision you must do it without turning back.No matter how the result is, remember to bear responsibility. Remember, it isbetter do than never when problems arise.

Improvement five Control market ability

Salesstaff are complaining that the customers are difficult to get along with,meanwhile, customers are also complaining about the difficulties of productsales, making little money. Indeed, the relationship between customer and manufacturersare both partners and opponents. Manufacturers need customers to do their bestto sell the company's products. Customers want more support and advertisingfrom manufacturers. The sales staff has struck in between, acting as punchingbag. The appearance of such situation reveals the lack of controlling marketability of salesmen.

Controlability lies, first of all, in fully usage of company’s existingresources. Company’s resources include human rescource and marketforce.The usage of human resources means the assistance of other departmentsand supervisors can be actively obtained. Every penny should be implementedbecause market investment is limited.

Controlability depends on your integrity, which means so said, so done. The emphasisis on you being a expert of industry and marketing, who can guide your clientsto gain maximum benefit. The key to control ability is your personality andintegrity. Sales will be in your control operation when you gain theappreciation from your colleagues and clients.

Improvement six Execution

Executionis a guarantee to ensure company management running normally. The importance ofexecution in the sales work is beyond all question. The key point lies in theseparation of business policy formulation and implementation. There is always adistance between theory and practice, that is, perfect plan formulation goesalong with many difficulties in implemention. In the face of such a situation,sales personnel will inevitably be on the defensive.

Everysalesman act as a part of the team. The fundamental work for saleman is toexecute each marketing policy without any reservation, even if you question it.Otherwise, you will be divorced from the enterprise, difficult to survive.

Executionfirstly comes from their own state of mind, positioning oneself accuratly.Enterprises is not only a stage where you can display yourself, but also thejudge and leader of your behavior. Express your wishes on the basis ofobeidance. Personal influence comes from execution.

Executivepower comes from the level of professionalism. The enthusiasm of the work anddemand on onself  often determine thelevel of executive power. Although there are various difficulties, you can getthe best results as long as you go all out.

Executivepower comes from personal capacity for work, including coordination,understanding, PR, command, flexibility and so on. Execution requires youto unite the strengthes in all aspects, straighten out the relationship amongvarious aspects and find out the best way to implement. The capacity forwork comes from personal perception and accumulation of experience.

Improvement seven Full view of the situation

  Anapprentice can only see the stone as the stone, while the master can see aBuddha when he sees the stone. Sales masters are all skillful in overallarrangent that the previou step always prepares for the nextstep. Determine the target, decompose the process and advance step bystep. This is the overall view.

The most taboo of the sales work is doing sales justfor sales when sales behavior is always being single, lack of relevance. Followthe sales targets, the completion of the target has ended the goal.

The overall view comes from the right understanding ofthe market. Changes in the market has its own principle. By following thedevelopment of the law and taking advantage of the opportunity, we can getdouble the result with half the effort.

The overall view comes from whole consciousness. Theoverall interests of the enterprise must be placed above all else, without showingpetty shrewdness and being mean in trifles.

The overall view lies in the grasp of the overallsituation. Has a good eye for changes in the external and internal situationsand put forward countermeasures.

Theoverall view depends on clear goal, thorough planning and continusly adjustmentin the execution.

Improvement eight Communication

The main content of sales work is communication with customers, the boss, theDepartment, and the media, and so on. Communication ability is mainlyreflected in the accurate express of their own will, and get the other'srecognition.

Findingthe most appropriate means of communication is the key element of improvementin communication.The place, mode, attitude of communication will affect thecommunication effect.

The success or failure of communication lies in whether the two sides can findcommon interests. Communication stress a win-win situation in which byputting yourself in other’s shoes, you can get double the result with half theeffort.

The importance of communication is to be a good listener. Both listening to others'opinions and guiding the other side to express their willingness can help youto become a master of communication.

Communicationalways means asking for help from others. Getting through thepsychological barrier and asking for help can not degrade your position at thebottom of the heart of others.

Improvement nine Creativity

There is a saying goes: sales is more than a science, it is an art. Innovation is thesoul of sales. The more rigorous the sales system becomes, the more formattedthe work will be, whose effect is always unsatisfactory. Thus, sales staffshould be equipped with innovative thinking within the management frame ofcompany.

Creativitylays stress on innovation of sales ways. All sales are not constant. Theappearance of new sales can take the initiative in the competition.

Creativityemphasizes the importance role of innovation of sales pattern. A new businessopportunity in the changing market will be able to create new sales pattern.

Creativityattach importance to innovation of sales channel. Changing sales habits and newbirth of operating platform will broaden the channel, providing prerequisitesfor channel innovation.

Creativitythinks highly of innovation of ways of transmission. The emergence of newmedia, the occurrence of major events at home and abroad, and so on, willbecome a new way of communication. Communication is more dependent onattracting the attention of consumers, and enhancing the influence of theenterprise. The innovation of ways of transmission depends on whether businessopportunity can be caught or not.

Improvement ten Expressiveness

  Expressivenesscontains two aspects: language expression and literal expression. It is vitalfor sales staff who have to make contact with all types of people. The key oftalk that normal people can do is how to say. What can be said on whateveroccasions is the language expression.

  The combination of occasion and object decide that the language is elegant orrough, shallow or deep. The similar language pattern of the two sides willmake conversation be in harmony.

  Salesstaff need to to improve their writing skills to write a work plan, worksummary and planning books and so on. Literal expression often determines theimpression and evaluation of your boss on you.

  Althoughthe road is endless and faraway, I still want to pursue the truth in theworld. Difficult times often makes heroes. Improving and going beyondoneself is the best way for sales staff to make great achievements.

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