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The meaning of the number at the bottom of plastic bottles


1 representes PET (polyethylene glycol terephthalate): At present, generalmineral water, sodas and functional beverage bottles are using this material.The material will deform when the temperature exceeds seventy degrees of heat.It may release carcinogens after using 10 months.Neither do you put the mineralwater in the open air or in the car in hot weather, nor do you pour the boilingwater into the bottle of mineral water directly.

2 represents HDPE (high-density polyethylene): more used in themanufacture of the container bottle for cleaning supplies, bath products. Thehot temperature resistant material is not easy to clean, easily leading tobreed bacteria. Repeated use is not recommended.

3 represents PVC(polyvinyl chloride ):The toxic and harmfulsubstances that this PVC plastic products produce come from two aspects. One issingle molecule vinyl chloride which has not been fully polymerized in theproduction process, the other is the harmful substances in the plasticizers.These two substances are easy to be released when meeting high temperature andoil, then toxic substances enter the body with food, easily causingcancer.

4 representsLDPE(low density polyethylene): At present, the clingfilm and plastic wrap inthe market are using this kind of material, with low heat resistance. Whenqualified PE cling film be in the temperature more than 110 degrees Celsius,hot melt phenomenon can happen. The oil of the food is easy to dissolve harmfulsubstances in the clingfilm when the food covered with plastic wrap are beingheated. Before heating the food by the microwave oven, the plastic wrap shouldbe taken down.

5 represents PP (polypropylene): The microwave meal box which is made from PP canwithstand high temperature of 130 degrees Celsius, but has the poortransparency . This is the only plastic box can be put into the microwaveoven and can be reused after careful cleaning. The boxbodies of some boxesare made from No. 5 PP, but the lid is 6 PS (polystyrene). With goodtransparency, PS cannot endure high temperature r, so it can't put into themicrowave oven with the box body.              

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