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Widely used plastic bottles are the vanguard of the packaging market

Equippedwith a series of advantages such as light weight, strong and durable qualities,good barrier properties, easy molding, changeable shape, low cost and so on ,plastic bottles are widely used and have a very strong competitiveness in thepackaging industry. The plastic packaging has become the first of allkinds of packaging materials from its emergence to the present. In recentyears, with the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry,the demand for plastic packaging bottles is growing, so is the blow moldingequipment.

China'spharmaceutical industry will still be in a critical period of rapid developmentwithin five years, containing huge business opportunities. As one of thelargest areas in the application of plastic products, plastic packagingmaterials are mainly divided into two categories of thin film and plastic,widely used in tobacco, food and beverage, daily chemical products. Atpresent, the plastic packaging materials accounted for more than 1/3 of thetotal output of packaging materials, ranking first in a variety of packagingmaterials. Each packaging form can be divided into many varieties because ofthe different use and materials.

Andthe birth of competitive products begins with optimization of product design. Goodsquality, price, packaging design are the three main factors among many factorsin the international market competition. So we must seize the opportunityto innovate novel, bizarre and modern concious products.

Plasticbottles should be easy to operate. Whether the competitive products can beproduced is the key to the survival and development of enterprises.  Thebottleneck design shoule take easy to open into consideration, and can berepeatedly opened and closed, benefiting pouring contents. The phenomenon ofsplash damage is forbidden. Moreover, the sealing device can be designed withadditional features, such as anti-fake, anti-theft, anti clogging, spray, etc.

Theequipment of China's plastic injection can produce small numbers of moldinghollow plastic bottles, but the accuracy of the device itself and theperformance is not as good as foreign equipment.

Withthe rapid development of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry, the demandfor plastic packaging bottles is growing, so is the blow molding equipment. Inthe operation of the injection blow molding equipment, the bottleneck is thefirst to be injected to guarantee its precision and then blow bottle. So it canprevent the gas in plastic bottle from volatiling and external gas frompenetrating into the bottle, which ensures a good close performance between thebottle and cap.Only by seizing the broad market prospects tocontinuously promote the development of the industry, can we narrow the gapwith foreign countries.

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