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Plastic bottle packaging accounts for half of all plastic packaging industry

Withthe continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, the application ofplastic bottles in the pharmaceutical industry began to develop. Becausethe pharmaceutical industry is a special industry, the state is quite strictwith the packaging technology, whether it is for the packaging material or packagingparameters.

Plasticbottle packaging accounts for more than half of the plastic packaging industry,followed by glass bottles, and then the paper bottles and aluminum cans. Except the low cost, the most important reason for plastic bottles stayingafloat in the packaging industry is transport. It is convenient for plasticbottles to transport, with relatively large transport volume one-time,which circulates more smoothly than that of glass bottles. In addition, plasticbottles are easier to be shaped according to the characteristics of differentpackaging among a variety of packaging products, especially when enterprisesrequire that the plastic bottles highlight the cultural connotation of the subenterprise. Plastic bottles can also meet the requirment that hold waterportably.

Sincethe proportion of pharmaceutical plastic bottles with obvious advantages isgetting higher and higher, the pharmaceutical plastic bottles in the future hasa bright prospect.  According to incomplete statistics, the demand forplastic bottles in the global pharmaceutical industry is considerable, so thethe plastic packaging industry in the pharmaceutical industry will developrapidly. Meanwhile, the requirements for the performance of plastic bottles arealso getting higher and higher that plastic bottles must be in line with therelevant national standards, otherwise, there will be a certain threat to ourhealth. We should also take the durability of plastic bottles into theconsideration, a more comprehensive understanding of their texture and rawmaterials and so on. In the recycling process after the use of the bottle,the bottled products are not only easier to recycle, but also increase therecycling rate and economic benefits.

Thevanguard in the packaging industry-plastic bottle has decided advantages. Equippedwith a series of advantages such as light weight, strong and durable qualities,good barrier properties, easy molding, changeable shape, low cost and so on ,plastic bottles are widely used and have a very strong competitiveness in thepackaging industry. The plastic packaging has become the first of allkinds of packaging materials from its emergence to the present. In recentyears, chinese medicine ensures a good close performance between the bottle andcap.  Only by seizing the broad market prospects to continuously promotethe development of the industry, can we narrow the gap with foreign countries.

Plasticbottles should be easy to operate. Whether the competitive products can beproduced is the key to the survival and development of enterprises.  Thebottleneck design shoule take easy to open into consideration, and can berepeatedly opened and closed, benefiting pouring contents. The phenomenon ofsplash damage is forbidden. Moreover, the sealing device can be designed withadditional features, such as anti-fake, anti-theft, anti clogging, spray, etc.

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