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Health care bottles must have a buffer function, how to check?

The bottles of health care products may be subjected to vibration, attack andsqueeze from external force in the process of transport and storage, easy tocause damage. For example, glass bottle packaging is easy to break, while film,paper bags, tend to become deformed. To this end, the health care productbottle should have a buffer action to prevent shock, attack andextrusion.

One of the important components in seal assembly is cushion effect. Both theinsidel and outside of a single package need mat. For solid pills, tablets andother drugs, the measure to prevent noxious gas because of shock is to block inthe extra space with sterile cotton, piece of paper or plastic elastic ring onplastic cover, leaving no mobile space.  The inside of a singlepackage (i.e. between health care bottles) will be fixed and separated fromeach container by corrugated plate made of corrugated paper or plastic. Atpresent, there are new materials, such as expanded polyethylene, polypropylenefoam and polyethylene and polystyrene copolymer foam and other cushioningmaterials which are used for making cushioning packaginghavingthe effect of shock resistance, pressure resistance and sealing.

The next component is external packaging, also known as distribution packagea large container made of materials with acertain mechanical strength. For complete filled transport packages, domestictransport packaging, in addition to individual requirments, there are somedetects need to be performed.

Marking thelocation and firmness of the package;

Temperatureand humidity regulation function


Implementationof vertical collision by drop performance

Horizontalimpact test, inclined plane test, swing implement, etc.

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